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weekend plan作文不少于六句话1.I am going to prepare for my lessons because the Mid-term exam is coming.I am sure if I have good preparation, I

my weekend plan英语作文至少五句“my weekend plan”优秀学员范文:In my weekend,I want to spend time with my family,so I will

My weekend plan英语作文不少于10句话I’m going to have a busy weekend! On Saturday, I’m going visit my friends by car. Because I

英语作文六年级。My weekend plan。带中文翻译。英语作文六年级。My weekend plan。带中文翻译。 推荐内容 英语作文六年级。My weekend plan。带中文翻译。最新回答 3条回答 匿名用户 我

【英语作文】题目:My weekend plan(我的周末计划我的周末计划 My Weekend Plan 来源:互联网|作者:adreep 来源:互联网时间:2013-12-17 Dear

以weekend plan为题写一篇短文The weekend is the best time in my opinion.I can use the time to d what I like,because my parents don't force me

my weekend plan作文带翻义60字I love my weekend.意思我在星期六做家庭作业,逛街,玩电脑游戏.我在星期天看电视,和做家务活,我很快乐我喜欢我的周末.

求一篇英语作文,My weekend plan,60词左右。必有好评_百Hi. My friends. I’m going to have a busy weekend!On Saturday, I’m going to the supermarket by subway. I’m going

一篇my weekend plan的小作文不少于五句话I’m going to the park with my sister.That will be fun!What about you?What are you going to do on the weekend?

My Weekend plan 作文I am going to have a busy weekend ! On Saturday , I‘m going to clean my room and do homework. Then , in the evening , I

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