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thEir sChool的作文60字

There is a big and beautiful in my county. I study there. There are many trees and flowers in the school. It looks like a beautiful garden. In the school, there is a library and a computer room. There are also some labs in the school. Also, there are a lot of

there are a lot of trees and fiowers .

Their school is XXX primary/middle school. It's very beatiful. There are many trees in it. There are many students and teachers in it. All the students and teachers like it very much.

呃,是小学还是中学?不同的年级写的也不一样哎…写这么短的应该是小学吧…I am a primary/junior high school student,I like my school very much.It has beautiful school yard,there are many trees and flowers a

our classmates get to school in different ways.lots of them get to school by bus like me.but some go to school in their father"s car,that is very cool.a small part of students get to school on foot,be

I have been studying in Sunshine Secondary School for nearly Six years. The school is a seven-storied house. The lower two levels house is a public hall and the upper levels are the classrooms. The school has two science labs, a big library, a

Our school is very big. There are more than one thousand students and one hundred teachers in our school. There are more than thirty classrooms, two gyms, a mordern library, four labs and five special classrooms. There is a big playground where

My SchoolI am a student of Hope Middle School.My campus is big and beautiful.There are many tall trees and beautiful flowers.There is also a big playground.Our teachers are all very kind and friendly.They work hard and teach us very well.They take

My school is very beautiful, there is a very large playground. Numerous species of flowers and trees. My classroom is on the fourth floor, there are 44 students in our classroom. The library on the third floor, there are many books in there, I often do

as is known to all, the internet has become a powerful means of studying. it arouses a question that whether studying at a traditional school or on the internet is better for us students. in fact, every coin has two sides. so both of them have advantages

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