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The person I admire I admire a person who called Chenhao .she is a famous actress.she is very beautiful and lovely.she was born on December 9th,1979,she is 28 years old this year.she is good at dancing,singing,playing flute,performing and so on

there are many people that i admire.among them i admire zhang haidi most. have you heard of her?she was healthy when she was born.but when she was older,she became handicapped.she couldn't walk.every day she had to stay in bed.she was

the person i admire most there are many famous poeple in our life ,maybe someone is your admire person.we are human being,in all ages don't stop developing ,why? because we have models and we need model,they make us admire them then

I admire my mother the most.Because she is the one who gave me birth and brought me to this world.When I was younger,she took good care of me.As time passes on,I grew older and even became a student i

Times need heroes, and heroes stand out. Franklin Roose velt is just a hero of the times. Well known for his unprecedented 13 years as the President of U. S. , he is regarded as a savior of America. However, it is not his brilliant achievements that

The Person I Admire Most There are many famous poeple in our life ,maybe someone is your admire person.We are human being,in all ages don't stop developing ,why?Because we have models and we nee

pele is the most legendary soccer player in the history of soccer or more commonly know as football. he is not just someone whom i idolised but to most of the football fans around the world. the brazilian has scored over 1300 goals and over 1300 in

The person I admire most is my mum. She is a woman with long hair and she wears a pear of glasses.She is also a little short and thin. But she is really a kind woman. She is an English teacher. She is very popular among the students because she

She looks very young,as lovely as us.She is very friendly and kindness.Of course she is good at English,we like her voice because her spoken English is so standard that we have ever heard.What's more,she is very patient when we ask some

A person i admireOf all the people in my life, the person i admire the most is my teacher.she/he is not only kind but nice to students too.she/he always treats us kindly, we all very like her/him.the reason i admire her/him, is because he/she is very

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