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today.all the students in our school are very excited, because our school fashion show taked place at the end of this day! after school, akk the students ran to the hall to line up to go to the playground to watch the fashion show. 6 o'clock, the show

Advertisement Our school show has established for several years and enjoyed a good reputation for its numerous performances.Now the school show is recruiting! Anyone who is interested in Chinese Kong Fu, piano, sing and dance, basketball

My schoolMy school is a beautiful campus, you don't believe in? I take you to visit my school. You see, walked into the door, and two rows of stand proudly welcome our arrival, it is like a soldier standing guard, guard our campus. Back is a beautiful

Christmas day is coming. We will hold an English party on Christmas Eve in the meeting hall of our school. It will begin at 7:00 and end at 10:00 in the evening. Each group has to prepare two or three performances. For example, singing English

I am a student of Hope Middle School.My campus is big and beautiful.There are many tall trees and beautiful flowers.There is also a big playground.Our teachers are all very kind and friendly.They work hard and teach us very well.They take good care

I have been studying in Sunshine Secondary School for nearly Six years. The school is a seven-storied house. The lower two levels house is a public hall and the upper levels are the classrooms. The school has two science labs, a big library, a

My School Life Hi!I'm Zhou Jinru,a student of Class 4,Grade 7.At school ,my teachers are very friendly to me.My school life is very interesting.I like it very much. Classes begin at 8:00a.m, I have four classes in the morning. In the afternoon, I have

My school life has been always interesting for me. I have met many wonderful friends in school and most of them are my close friends. We have gone through many difficult time together but there are al

From Monday to Friday,I have many classes every day.So I am busy on school days.After class,I can only play for ten minutes.On weekends,I can play computer games and watch TV after fnishing my homework.From Monday to Friday,I have many

I like my school life very much,it is very interesting.I usually reach school at half past seven.Then we do morning exercises at eight o'clock.We have eight lessons every day.The lesson begin at a quarter past eight.My favourite subject is English.I can

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