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my school life our international school beautiful. the first time i came to this school, they unwittingly fall in love with her. she is new every day, every day is beautiful. early morning, the sun not yet out of the east, the sky appeared a beautiful glow, the

My name is Paul. I\'m 16 years old, and I study in No. 1 Middle School of Hui\'an. My school is very big and beautiful. I\'m very happy in the school. I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. The

My School My school is very big and beautiful.There is a big playground and a big garden are behind our teaching buildings. the garden is very beautiful.There are about 2000 students and more than 200 teachers in my school.my teachers are very

My School I am ajunior high school student. My school is near my home. I get up at 6:45, and goto the school at 7:30 everyday.My schoolis about 100 square kilometers. In my school, there is one classroom buildingand two students departments.My

my school 我的学校 my school is a nice and huge.i very like it. 我的学校是一个漂亮并大的地方. it's hvae five big teaching building.one playground ,it's red and gueen,and two dining room.we 它有5个大教学楼.一个操场,它是红色和绿色的,和

My School Now I am studying in Xiping Primary School. I am a student of Grade Six. The school is beautiful.There are many tress, flowers and grass in myschool. There are two teachin

Now a lot of parents to talk about the most popular topics which school is the best? Which school graduation rates the highest? Which school is a provincial key, the key school? No matter what others say, I've always thought we was 2 is the best. Yes,

My Day Today is Monday.I get up at 6:00.I have my breakfast at about 6:30.Then I clean my room,wash my face and brush my teeth.I have noodles for breakfast.I go to school at 7:00.I do morning exercises at 7:50.We have four classes in morning.At

I'm a student.I study in the Yanhe No.4 middle high school.I have a wonderful school life.Now let me tell you something about my school life.I get up about at 6:30 every weekdays.I have breakfast at 7:00.My classes begin at 7:20.After classes,I play

My school is very beautiful. It is in (写你学校地址), Do you know it? There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often play sports on it , too. My classroom is on the fifth floor. It is big and clean.There are

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