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I decided to give myself a good rest on May Day. Therefore, I got up late in the morning, prepared myself a cup of coffee and had my brunch. At noon, I allowed myself to watch a movie named The King's Speech as a reward. In the evening, I went out with my best friend and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

Hello, today is May Day. I and My father, mother and sister went shopping. We bought, lollipops, ice creams, cornflakes, toasts, butter, orange, milk and rolls. And my mother bought toys for me. Such

Today is May Day. My grand-mother, grand-father, uncle, aunt, sister and brother came to my home, we enjoyed the festival together.We ate hot-dogs, hamburgers, cornflakes and rolls……we drank tea and orange juice.In the afternoon, we went to

[初中五一劳动节英语作文MyMayDay我的五一]Hello,today is May Day.I and My father,mother and sister went shopping.We bought,lollipops,ice creams,cornflakes,toasts,


以 I want to be a(an)……为题目,写一篇英语作文(60-80字) I want to be an English teacher. I'd like travelling around the world. If I become a English teacher, I could

Hello, Dear 朋友, open的过去式是opened.单词的后面直接加ed就可以了.

The May Day of holiday

Mother's shoes, high quality, good style, in a small village is famous. Every afternoon, the door of our house downstairs, Huaiyin, a small young married woman who spontaneously together, the mother apprenticeship. Their hands or Zhahua, or

5 years aren't a short time. During this 5 years, I found a satisfying job with high income, which is to be a teacher in a high school. I like my job very much and enjoy it.

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