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I think I'm very healthy.Because I have many good habits.I often exercise.It helps me keep in good healthy.I eat fruit every day.I love vegetables and eat them three times a week.And I usually drink milk.I sometimes drink coffee.I eat junk food about

many people have their good habits and bad habits and so do i.my good habits are as follows: i usually get up early in the morning and sleep early at night . it is good for my health . i aslo like playing table tennis in the afternoon ,it makes me happy

hi everyone today i would like to share with all of you my good habit. therse are my good habit, i always wake up early in the morning,this shows that i'm not a lazy person.in the half term i don't just go out and play i study at home as well.because i think

good habitwhen we have formed the good study habit, we learn things quickly and remember things easily. do you sometimes copy other's homework? it is not good. no matter how difficult the homework is, you must try to do it yourself and finish it on

My habit Different people have different habits, so I have many good habits.I often listen to English tapes in the morning. I think for me a great help. Writing class I have taken careful notes, and careful listening. Home to see your review notes,

Good habits'The earlier sleeping and getting up,the healtier you will be.' I believe many people know this sentence and know the meaning of it.Which teaches us that good

i often wash my hands after eatting.In other way.Above this are my good habits.In the aspect about sprots,my daily diet is very healthy,basketball is my favourite sprots and i`am good at this.In my daily life,i`d like eat fruits,otherwise i was few illness in the pastI`m a normal boy,but i have my own good habits

My Habbits I have some habbits, some are good, but some are bad. I like reading very much. From reading science books, I get a lot of knowledge. From reading novels, I lose myself in the stories. I like doing sports, too. It helps me keep healthy.

People all over the world have their own habits, some are good and some are bad. Children, if you have bad habits, you'd better change them. I think you can try your best.I also have a lot of habits. Let me talk about my good habits. I don't watch

Good habitsGood habit is a great helper to a person who is pursuing success in his life. I have also keep some good habits, to which I shall always be thankful.One of my good habits is to keep early hours, that is, early to bed and early to rise. Keep

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