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my favorite festivalSpring Festival is my favorite among all the Chinese traditional festival. The first reason why I love it the most is because I can get lucky money on that festival. It is the Chinese custom that the old will give children lucky money on

well 是一个感叹词,而thanksgiving 是加拿大和美国的感恩节,但他们的日期不一样;美国是11月的第四个星期四,而加拿大是10月第二个星期一thanksgiving is my favourite festival 意思是,感恩节是我最喜爱的节日

买衣服,最爱的,周末,将要 (希望对你有帮助)

My favorite festival My favorite festival is Spring Festival. It's in January or February. I can eat New Year Eve dinner with my family. I can get the lucky money and eat the dumplings. I can play the firework with my friends.我最喜欢的节日是春节.我可以和我的家人一起吃年夜饭.我可以拿到压岁钱和吃饺子.我还可以和我的朋友们一起玩烟花.手打的,请采纳.

A lucky day Today must be my lucky day.This morning our headteacher told us a thing:because my bedroon was very clean the teacher gave us 10 points,and I became the best cleaner.I learnt a lot of Engl

你好,文章如下: The Spring Festival is coming up soon. All of us are nothing but excited.The Spring Festival starts on January 1st of the lunar. I like Spring Festival so much, because it means a lot for me, such as hopes and expectations.The most

my festival is med-autumn festival.we usually watch the moon and eat moon cakes.the moon cake is very nice.sometimes i play with lanterns.it's very interesthing.i often have a good time at that festival.My favourite festival is the Lunar New Year.

I am a Chinese.Chinese is multicultural country,it has many conventional consuetudes.The local festivals are the important part of our culture such as Chinese New Year,Mid-autumn Festival and Lantern

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