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My winter holiday plan The Winter Holiday Day is coming. I am planning a trip to Beijing with my parents. We will visit the Palace Museum, the famous museum in the world. We will also visit some other nice places, such as the Great Wall, the

求一篇英语作文“My Winter Holiday Plan”(用一般将来时写) 急求,O(∩_∩)O谢谢 悬赏分:10 | 离问题结束还有 14 天 23 小时 | 提问者:花祭雨夜

My winner vacation is coming soon .I am so happy I decide to make a winter vacation plan .First, I will do my homework carefully. Second ,I am going to help my mother with housework .Then,I want to play with my best friend.I will also visit my

写计划要用一般将来时,结构是: be going to do, will do the summer vacation is coming. we will have a two-month holiday. i am going to relax myself. i will visit my granparents and spend two weeks with them. i am going to help my grandparents

The winter holiday is coming. I made a winter holiday resulution. First I'm going to study harder.Second I'm going to learn a new language.Next I will do more exercise and eat more vegetabie to be healthy. Finally I'm going to learn to play the guitar.

Winter vacation is coming,so I make some plan how to spend the vacation.Fristly,I want to play with my old friends and visit some places of interest.Secondly,I will do my homework and read some books.

这里有一篇,你参考一下 My Winter Holiday My winter holiday is very dull. I stay at home for most of time. Sometimes I visit my friends and play basketball with them. Sometimes we go shopping. One day, we go to the KFC. We have hamburgers,

My Winter Holiday Plan In my winter holiday I will get home to be with my mom and pop. I will eat nice food and play with my friends. I will also read good books and finish my homework well. I am planning to learn to play the guitar this winter holiday, I want to be a guitarist some time in the future.

This winter, I have four trips planned. First, I'm going to finish my homework .and then I' m going to read a very interested book ,word-famous work and other more. After that I'm going to learn to cook italian foood with my mother. The rest of my

My plan for winter holidayThe winter holiday is coming soon.I want to do many things.I was so tired in my school term,so I plan to have a good rest.I hope to play with my friends,my relatives and

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