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my wEEkEnD是什么意思


My weekend I often have fun on my weekend.I often go to the library to read books on Saturday morning.After lunch,I go swimming with my friends.On Saturday night,I hold a party at home and invite many friends.On sunday morning,I always do my

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:my lastweekend是什么意思 我的上个周末

weekend 英 [wi:kend] 美 [wi:kend] n. 周末; 星期六和星期日(或略长一点的)休息时间 vi. 过周末,度周末 adj. 周末的

last weekend i was busy .on saturday morning ,i was at the library,i read an interesting book,in the afternoon i was at the museum with tom,we saw many old things.on sunday morning ,i visited my grandfather,we shared lunch together,in the


My Weekend At weekends,I am very busy,but I am happy.Saturday mornig I play balls with my frieds.Then I have a music class.I do my homework at home in the afternoon and read books in the evening. On Sunday,I go shopping with my mother.After

用一般过去时 i really had a busy weekend. on saturday morning i did my homework and cleaned the room. in the afternoon, i visted my friends and did sports with them. at night,i went to the movies with my parents. on sunday morning, i went

My weekend 中文意思是:我的周末 也可以读作:My weekend My weekend 我的周未;我的周末 my 英 [ma] 美 [ma] adj.我的(I的所有格形式) int.啊呀;天啊 weekend 英 [wi:kend] 美 [wi:kend] n.周末;星期六和星期日(或略长一点的)休息时间 vi.过周末,度周末 adj.周末的 第三人称单数: weekends 复数: weekends 现在分词: weekending 过去式: weekended 过去分词: weekended

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