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my FAvoritE作文50字

My Favorite Food There are many different kinds of food. My favorite food is fried rice.In China, most of the people in the south eat rice. And I like fried rice best.It's really delicious. When I go home from school, I am always hungry. At that time I

My favorite trip Last Sunday,I went to the park with my friends. It was a beautiful sunny day .I was very happy.There were a lot of trees in the park. The air was fresh.I enjoyed it. Then I saw an animal's show. It was very interesting . The animals were

My favourite thing is my ipod touch. My aunt bought it for me last september from USA. It is a really cool music player.Except for listening music, it can also be used to watch videos, photos and even browse internet. It has WiFi connection service, so

给你多写选择 1.My favorite food is Mabo Tofu. It is spicy, tender, nutritious, and delicious. My mom buys Tofu in the Market every morning, and makes different types of dishes using Tofu for dinner. Everyone in my family enjoys Mabo Tofu very much.

My favourite subject is English.The reason can be seen from the perspectives as follows.Firstly,English ,which is writtern in letters instead of character,means a totally new

My favorite season My favourite season is winter.Because it's snowy,I can make snowman,go skiing,and go skating.Make snowman with my friends is very interesting,and it's great fun.go skiing with my friends is very excited,so I like go skiing very

My favourite fruit My favourite fruit is apples. I like apples,because they are delicious.There are many kinds of apples,and they have different colours:red and green.The red

My favorite place is my house.I think it is the most beautiful place because my family have stayed here for four years.There are four bedrooms ,a living room ,a toilet and a kitchen in it.I like my house,of course,I love my family!

Our TV University is mainly engaged in long distance education. The form of study is very convenient for adult learners like me. I can learn my courses anywhere in my spare time by computer. There are many web-based courses and sources on line

My favorite weatherDifferent people like different weather . My favorite weather is snow day. In the snow day, we can see the snows sets the street, the house, the tree and so on ,it's very beautiful.We can make the snowman and the snowball in the

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