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My English Study English is my favorite subject and I once won a second prize in Sichuan English Reading Comprehension Competition for Middle School Students. Now I'm good at English and one of the best students at English in our senior

English is one of the most important subjects in middle school.Almost everyone knows that we should learn English well, but few of us know how to learn it well. Karl Marx has set a good example for us. He once said, "When one is learning a

english study is a long process, which you cannot expect success for merely one night. in order to study english well, the best and the most effective way is to pratice every day. for instance, you have to speak loud and let yourself be heard and then

i like english, now let me talk about my english learning, to study english is very important for us. i often watch english films , because i can learn much from the films. and i like speaking english to my friends too. by talking in english i can review what

For studying well,I decide to draw up some plans to study .It said that If a proper balance is struck between work and rest, the quality of education will go up, not down.I should arrange for study time.I will apply myself to learning .After-class time,I will do

my english studyi like english very much, so i try a lot of ways to improve my english. at weedends, english corner in every park is my first choice, which is the best way to meet foreign friends and some native english speakers. in weekdays, i also

My English Learning I have always felt that to master a language, as some in the absence of the necessary conditions for language environment of university students, or the short cut. A lot of reading and expand vocabulary, as well as questions to


how time flies! my three-year middle school life will be over soon. looking back, i have many memories of my english study. when i entered the middle school, i had so many difficulties with my english. i was not able to understand the teacher in class,

English is very important subjecj at school so we should learn it well.Learning English just like learning other language, is hard work so I spend lots of time on it every day. I listen to the teacher carefully,review what is learned regularly, prepare each

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