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当然是:“Mother's Day”了,你见过“Mothers' Day”吗?再说:在词典里就是Mother's day.英语国家孩子喊妈妈可以用mother.所以,mother可指妈妈,也可以指妈妈们,所以就用mother而不用mothers.

英汉 Mother"s Day was first suggested in the United States in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe as a day dedicated to peace. A campaign to establish a National Mother"s Day was begun in 1907. It was successful, by 1911 Mother"s Day was

Mothers' Day 是所有母亲的节日.外国也都是这样写的

Mother's day is coming next Sunday.I wonder how to celebrate it for my mother.I'm growing day by day while mother is becoming older and older.Mother works so hard to

母亲节 妈妈的节日

mother's day


5月第二个星期日 母亲节----mother's day10月1日 国庆节---national day

母亲节是mother's day 圣诞节 直接说 christmas

母亲节来历(Origin Of Mother's Day) 大多数国家把每年5月的第二个星期日定为母亲节.这已经成为国际性的一个庆祝节日了.它是为歌颂世间伟大的母亲,纪念母亲的恩情,发扬孝敬母亲的道德而定立的. 母亲节的创始人是美国人安娜

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