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很简单的啊 I am a student.So i go to school everyday.I go to school on foot.It takes me about 30 minutes to go to school. I have four lessons in the morning and three in the afternoon.I ha

my name is beth. i\'m 14 years old, and i study in no. 1 middle school of hui\'an. my school is very big and beautiful. i\'m very happy in the school. i usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. then i do morning exercises in the playground. at 6:40, i have my

my middle school lifeSeveral years has already passed, but my middle school life still clings firmly to my memory. Although I got less happiness in middle school than in my childhood, I was less mature then comparing with the time when I was in the


my school life i have a busy school life . in the morning , 6:00 i wake up time of 15 minutes in english. at 7:00 to do the prepare class. eight to have classes ,six classes a day ,in all subjects,i like english and physics best . after school, i often go to the

When it comes to my middle school life,i always have a lot to say .Because it was the most wonderfull of my life at present.My middle school is one of the best school in our city.No wonder most of the students there studyed very hard,which included

How time flies.Three years has passed by and I am leaving my school,my teachers and my classmates.Looking back,I am proud of living a meaningful life in junior middle school.We get along well.We help and learn from each other.Most of us do well in their lessons will be able to enter a higher school.希望采纳

第一篇I was very excited and curious about my middle school life, When I got to my middle school for the first time, the scene on campus gives me a surprise and leaves me a deep impression. The better environment and atmosphere, the bigger play

How time flies!My middle school life is coming to an end.I can't forget the happy time that I've spent with my classmates and teachers.At school,I am busy with my studies.I'm interested in English,because my English teacher,Miss Wang,is kind

My Happy Middle School Life How time flies! My middle school life is coming to an end. I can't forget the happy time that I've spent with my classmates and teachers. At school, I am busy with my studies. I'm interested in English because my

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