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mAnAgE to Do造句

求manage to do(成功做某事)的例句你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:.I managed to open the door at last.

try to do,try doing,manage to do造句!try doing是试着做 I wiil try playing football!manage to do是努力做并且成功了!I manage to get 20pionts from you!

英文造句john manage to find a girlfriend when he was working in a government-owned corporation which is the biggest

manage to do 造句1 He managed to finish his work on time2 He failed to finish his work on time .3

manage后跟to do还是doing以及用法1、manage to do sth意思是:尽力做某事,用to do的时候表示这件事已经尽力做,但是还没有做完。2、

belong to manage to do 造句you are belong to me 你是属于我的he wad manager to finish the work他设法完成这个工作

请用manage to do sth 造句manage to do 设法做到he managed to save her in time.他设法及时挽救了她.

manage to do 的意义与用法和例句,顺便出几个题,希望manage to do something挣扎做某事;设法完成某事I can't manage to finish all the home

manage后跟to do还是doing以及用法既可以跟to do,也可以跟doingmanage to do sth:尽力做某事,用to do的时候表示这件事还没

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