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Last Sunday Last sunday was a busy day.上个星期天是忙碌的一天 Morning I got up at 6:30,and then ate.早上我6点半起床,然后吃饭 7 o'clock,and went shopping,did not return until 9 o'clock.7点钟和去购物,9点钟才回来 Then I read the book 1

I was very busy last Sunday. In the morning I got up at six and helped my mother cook the breakfast. After breakfast I washed the dishes and then I did my homework. As soon as I finished my homework, I surfed the internet for about an hour. After luch

Last Sunday,I made a decision to go work with my father.My father is a deliver.We went to one place and another for 8 hours.It was really painful.From then on,I know how hard my father is,and I won't

Yesterday was Sunday. I and my father, mother, grandparents, brother went to huangshan by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway

Last sunday Last sunday i got up at 6:00 am. After having breakfast, i cleaned the room , read some books. it was fine. i invited two friends to go for a bike ride. Playing with some friends, we saw a film , watch tv and play the piano. Whay was a fine day.

my mother' s last sundaymy mother had a busy sunday recently.first,she did some shopping in the morning.she bought some fruit and vegetables in the supermaket and she went to the shopping mall to buy a pairof pants for me.next ,she came back

Last Sunday It rained last Sunday. I stayed at home. I played video games all morning. I made a model in the afternoon. I read a book in the evening. I had a lot of fun.

last sunday i went to school

Last Sunday Yesterday was Sunday, I didn't go to school, but I was busy. In the morning, I got up at eight o'clock, then I ate breakfast. After breakfast, I cleaned my room, it was dirty but it is clean now. In the afternoon, I played badminton with my

Last sunday,I went to theme park with my families members.Surprisingly,I met my best friend there.So both of us played together.We played until evening.Then we had our dinner together with our family.It was a memorable day.

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