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that girl专辑:24 hrs (deluxe)歌手:olly murs来源:搜索页 there's a girl but i let her get away 曾经心爱的女孩 我却让她擦肩而过 it's all my fault cause pride got in the way 自尊心作祟 一切都是我的错 and i'd be lying if i said i was ok 若说无事 其实只




歌名:can't take my eyes off you 歌手:john barrowman 个人感觉这个版本的听着不错

《undress rehearsal》歌词:ooh, la la la, la la, la la la ooh, la la la you deserve more than a cameo how are you not in my video?lets take it back to my studio and we can let it roll tonight girl, come with me now your scene's about to start i do believe i

Kylie Minogue-----Can't Get You Out Of My Head 从你LA的节奏来看,我肯定是的.

是不是《咖啡王子一号店》的片头曲The Melody唱的《lalala, It's Love!》啊?那首歌开头全是lalala的……

叫lala love La la la la la la Mhmm You're the la love of my life One way ticket and of life to live Pockets full of sunshine Lots of love to give Longing for your kisses

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