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i lovE英语作文

i love my school very much. i have many fellows there. they are all my good friends. we help each other on study and play together. my teachers are all kind and good. they really teach well. in my school, there are big buildings,green trees and pretty

I'm from a village near the mountain. It is a beautiful place. The mountain is always green the all year. The air is very fresh and the water in the river is very clean. If you are lucky you can see some fish in the river. There are a lot of trees along the river

I love to be loved(够特别的吧)I love to be loved.Everyday,Mummy and daddy will wake me up gently and kiss me in the face.Then they'll make me a very good breakfast with bread and jam.When I am leaving for school,they will always ask me to be

I love my motherIn the world, each mother loves their children, she takes care of everyday. she does my mother . In the moring, my mother cooks breakfast for me. And she

I love my roomCome in please!This is my room.It's my bed.Look!There is a photo of my family on the wall.This my parents and me.I love my room.I love my huse andmy family very much!That's all, thank you!

I love China and it is a great country with a long history. Beijing is the capital of China. China is famous for the Great Wall and the longest river- Changjiang River. I am Cinese and I love my country --China.

i love studying englishi love studying english because i had a wonderful english teacher during junior high. she speaks beautiful english, her classes are great fun. we always listened to nice english songs and chants. we often had games and

I love my mother People always say that living is like acting and everyone has their own stories.But who actually gave me the chance to started my first page of life?My mother,a wonderful woman who gave me life and showed me kindness.She did

As everyone knows,English is very important today.It has been used everywhere in the world.It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. If we can speak English well,we will have more chance to succeed.

I love studying EnglishI love studying English because I had a wonderful English teacher during junior high. She speaks beautiful English, her classes are great fun. We always listened to nice English songs and chants. We often had games and

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