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i likE pAnDAs作文

I like pandas My favorite animal are pandas.They are very cute.They are lazy,also.They like to eat bamboo.They are national treasure,so we must protect them very well.Do you know?The olympic's mascot who named Jingjing is a panda,too!I like it

I want to tell you something about my favourite of all the animals, I like giant pandas best. Giant pandas are beautiful black and white animal. When a giant panda was born, it looked like a white mouse and when it grows up, it looks like a bear. I think

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i adore them because they appear to be kind creatures that actually hold their children in their arms like many human parents. the are soft and fuzzy, increasing their cuddle factor. even though they are wild and endangered animals, their look and demeanor typically attracts oohs and aahs. they are simply too cute.

I like pandas 我喜欢熊猫 I like pandas 我喜欢熊猫

I like pandaGiant pandas the first impression that gives a person is its special when an eight-lane black rim of the eye, the pair are wearing a pair of sunglasses, very cute.The giant panda is one of the world's rarest animals, distributed mainly in

I like animals very much. My favorite animal is panda, but I also like other animals. I like pandas best. Because I think they are very interesting and cute. I like tigers and penguins, too. Because I think tigers are kind of cute,and I think penguins are


panda Panda is a kind of animal. It's my favourite animal too. I like the pandas not only because they are one of the China's treasures,but also because they look cute. Pandas

different people like different animals. i like panda very much.they are very lovely.they like eating leaves. i can see pandas in the zoos.if i have enough time i will see them again.how cute they are. what animal do you like best.不知道字数够不够,亲可以自己加一点,我初一有可能会有语法错误

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