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I like sports very much.I play many ball games,for example,badminton,basketball,table tennis.Ialways go swimming and play badminton in summer.And I usually run and play basketball in winter.Ilike playing badminton very much.Because it can let

I like footballI like playing sports very much . My favorite sport is football,because I think it`s exciting and relaxing .I always play football every Morning with my classmates ,because they can make me a fit body.I have three footballs,they are my favourite

I study in a middle school. I like sports such as football, basketball and table tennis. I can play football very well. After school, I often play football with my friends. In the evening, I often watch football match on TV. But I don't well in playing basketball.

my favourite sporteveryone in this world has their own favorite sport, so do i. my favorite sport is football. i often play football with my friends. i like football because it is exciting and challenging. i began playing football when i was xxxyears old. tt is just

For each person campaign is very important. As the saying goes: Life is movement. For example on me, and I like movement from childhood and I often run, but I love playing soccer very much, untill tod

My Favourite SportEveryone in this world has their own favorite sport, so do I. My favorite sport is football. I often play football with my friends. I like football because it is exciting and challen

I like sport very much .my favorite sports is pingpong ball ,because I think its very intersting.I like play basketball,too.sometimes,I can play basketball with my friends.

i like sports. i like to play ball games, such as basketball, volley ball, and football. i am really good at basketball. i play basketball every afternoon with my friends. i also play badminton after school.i usually go to swim during the summer break. i like every kind of sports.

I like football most.There are two reasons for this.Firstly,football is a teamwork,it can help me to raise the recognition of the importance of teamwork,it will be useful when i step into society.Seco

Doing sports can make us strong avnd healthy. And that's interesting.Everybody needs to do sport. I like it very much. I like playing basketball. I am good at ball handing. I play it with my friends. We cooperate each other. And our friendship bit and

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