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i Do BEst in English作文

Ways to improve English Living in a global society ,it is really important to communicate in a certain language with people all over the world . And spoken English has become one of the most important part of learning English. Simply , the most

l am best at english英语作文如下:I am good at English. I like my English teacher.Even though she is very strict,she is also very kind.I like listening to her.Her English classes are reallly intresting.when I first contacted with English , I found learning

I like English best During those subjects,i like English best.The first reason is: i am very interested in languange, especially in English. As we know,business in China becomes more internationalized,English skills become more closely linked with

How do yo learn english? Learning english can be a very difficult task for most people, this is because we dont live in a environment where we are forced to speak or write english. so i think the best way to learn english is by communicating with

learning english well needs some patience and strong willings.first you should form a good habit of reading english every day. because it is one of the skill in learning english. second you should learn how to use your dictionary and grammar book.

Yes,we can

你好!You must have to be Irish and have a name called " Eileen" then you can LEAN english best.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

In all the subjects I study in my school, I like English best.Why do I like the English? I can tell you two reasons. The first reason is the English teacher is very funny. She often says many jokes and let us plays English games. And I think the English is

My winter Vacation(我的寒假)In winter holiday,usually I stayed at home and did my school work.Sometimes I help my mother do some housework or watching TV.(寒假里

English and I There is a special connection between English language and myself. Firstly, it is the first language that I have learnt besides my mother language, Chinese. When I was first taught to speak English, I started to understand that there are

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