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中文释义:动词 把焦点对准,集中注意… 同义词:concentrate on,center,center on,revolve about,revolve around.英语句子 The Blip is out of focus.雷达的影像模糊不清.This is a long focus lens.这是个长焦距镜头.Schools focus on scholastic and professional skills, but not on financial skills.学校教育只专注于学术知识和专业技能的教育和培养,却忽视了理财技能的培训.

【主回答】 focus on:致力于;使聚焦于;对(某事或做某事)予以注意;把…作为兴趣中心 用法:1. to focus on sth: a. 聚焦;将焦点对准、b. 聚焦;注视2. to focus on sb/sth:把注意力集中于 【拓展资料】1. MBA programmes focus on

1. focus in后加doing sth.2. Focus on. 用法为focus sth on1. Their talks are expected to focus on arms control. 他们的会谈预计会集中讨论军备控制问题.2. They focus on overt discrimination rather than insidious aspects of racism. 他们关注的是公

把焦点对准,集中注意… 同反义词 同: [v.] center, center on, concentrate on, revolve about点击查看…… 参考例句 1. the focus on my camera isn't working properly. 我的照相机上的调焦装置有毛病.不适合点击查看…… 英英解释 动词解释:

focus on 集中,集中在 及物动词. The coordinated turning of the eyes inward to focus on an object at close range. 会聚眼睛向内的协调转动,从而聚焦在近处的某物体上 He was too shortsighted to focus on the object. 他由於近视过深而无法把视力焦点对准在该物体上. The focus on my camera isn't working properly. 我的照相机上的调焦装置有毛病.

focus on表主动.是动词.集中注意力于… be focused on是个形容语态,往往表被动,被要求于集中注意力.

focus on sth.focus in doing sth.意思都是一样的宾语的形式不一样.

focus ['fuks] n. 焦点,焦距 v. 集中,聚集,使集中 bring the object into focus if you want a sharp photograph. 要照出清晰的照片,就要把焦点对准物体. but are getting out of focus. 但是对你的焦距却越来越模糊. he always wants to be the focus of attention. 他总想成为注意力的焦点.

work on 中的on是副词.继续工作 .判断方法是看结构:动词+(代词或名词)+副词 ;动词+介词+代词或名词 如 go on go over think over 动词+(代词或名词)+副词.动词+介词+代词或名词 TOM likes writing with a pen.He is looking for his friend.

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