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When do you go to cinema ?I often go to cinema in the evening

When do you get up every day?When did you get to school this morning?When did she go to the movie?When will you go to the concert?When does usually she have dinner


When的用法小结 一、作为副词,它有以下的用法: 1. 作为疑问副词,引导特殊疑问句,意为“什么时候;何时”. 如: ( 1 ) When will they come back? ( 2 ) What time will they come back? 回答 when 引导的从句,不一定指出具体的时间点

is it a bird?

when do you go to schoolwhen i was small ,i want to be an astronautI don't want to be thin when I was young

What was that? What was the weather like yesterday?What were these? What were the robots like ?What did you do last weekend ? What did she do yesterday morning?Where was my pen ? Where are her balls ?Where did your mother go on

用“When”提问的问句到底怎样回答,总结句型?要根据实际情况 如 At 3:30.At the age of ..

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