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顺手采纳答案 my friend and I My name is John and I have a friend .My good friend is Tommy.He is shorter and thinner than me.He's good at basketball and he likes to eat meat.He likes to play games,too!He is very generous.And sometimes he

I have good friends Lee, She is now 13 years old, and I am as big as she is a particularly quiet girl, usually not very talkative, and her hair long, very nice oh!我的好有朋友李,她今年13岁了,和我一样大,她是一个特别文静的女孩子,平时不太爱说话,她的头发长长的,非常漂亮哦!随手写了几句,别介意哦!~语法绝对不会出错的!~

My friend John is twelve years old. He is 158 cm tall and 42 kg. He likes reading books and studies hard at school. Teachers think John is a good student. He also likes swimming, so we often go swimming on weekends. I am happy because I have a good friend.

My friend is called Hu Liang. He is tall and slim. He has big eyes, a small nose and black hair. He loves playing basketball with me after school. Sometimes we go swimming in a swimming pool.

This is my friend.He comes fromHe studies inHe likes He is a real good friend.请采纳 如果你认可我的回答百,敬请及时采纳,~如果你认可我的回答,请及时点击【采纳为满意回答】按钮度 ~~手机提问的朋友在客户端右上角评价点【满意】即内可.~你的采纳是我前进的容动力 ~~O(∩_∩)O,记得好评和采纳,互相帮助

i am a very optimistic girl.no matter what happens to me,i always believe that tomorrow will be a better day.i think there must be more happy things coming to me as long as i am alive.so nothing can beat me .i always keep smiling whatever i face to.i

in this photo,we can see a bright sun in the sky.under a big tree,a young woman with a hat and two little boys are looking at the ducks in the river.there is a basket near to the hands of the woman

My friend I have a good friend. She is a pretty girl. She is a middle school student. She has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. She is tall and thin. She likes watching TV 我的朋友 我有一个好朋友.她是一个漂亮的女孩.她是一所中学的学生.她长着大眼睛,小嘴巴,一个小鼻子和一张圆圆的脸.她又高又瘦.她喜欢看电视 请采纳谢谢

this is my best friend,His name is tonny.he is 15 years old ,and he is a Chinese boy.he is good at English .There are 4 people in his family.they are his parents,brother and him.His favorite sports is playing badminton.He joins many kinds of sports

He is my friend.He is tall.He like watching TV.He like play football.He like play basketball.

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