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意见 英文

what about you?或者 What's your opinion/advice/suggestion?

征求某人意见ask sb. for advice ask for the opinion of sb . 征求某人的意见. asking for somebody's opinion征求某人的意见 征求某人意见hold counsel with sb.

Please take my views into consideration. or Please consider my advice/suggestions.

“我们会认真考虑你的意见” "We will consider your suggestion carefully"

你好,很高兴为你解答。 I prefer the / one's opinion about..... I tend to favor the /one's ideas about / of..... I am apt to accept the thoughts about /that..... I am inclined to take the views that.... I am more in favor of the...

You can say that again!你说的太对了!

suggestions for revision

词组: ask for sb's advice\suggestions 询问句型: Would you please.... Would you mind me.... why not.... why don't... what/how about.... have you considered doing....

无保留意见: unqualified opinion 保留意见: qualified opinion 否定意见: adverse opinion 拒绝表示意见: disclaimer of opinion compilation是编制的意思

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