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A memorable event in the road I was growing up, there is one thing to make me never forget. Gone through that matter, I seem to grow up a lot. That was New Year's Eve last year; the students send each other greeting cards. Cards with their own

An Unforgettable ThingIt was a nice day in summer vocation.Before I woke up in the morning,Mom and Dad had already gone to work.After the breakfast,I opened my notebook.A red circle on the calender attracted my eyes:today's Mom's birthday!

went to an English Summer Camp this summer vacation. It's really a good chance to improve my English. I ate, lived, learnt and played with my foreign teachers and my classmates for about three weeks. In the morning, we had a four-hour-class. In

One thing I cant forget 我难忘的一件事 题目: One thing I can't forget 内容:I liked playing computer games,but my daddy was not happy because he thought it was not good for my study.Sometimes I felt I was not a free boy when my daddy was so

An Unforgettable Travel My families plan to visit the interesting place p of Shanghai.We are led to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ,a famous tourist attraction,which is on every

An unforgettable thing Do you have any unforgettable thing? Certainly I think, so do I. Last spring, on a sunshine day, our students and teachers visited East Park. When we went into the park, we saw many colorful flowers and several beautiful

I had an unforgettable holiday. At October.1th, my family and i sit in front of TV and watched the National Festival Celebration.I have to say the celebration is really spectacular. Yeaterday,our family got togerther and celebrate the Mid-autumn Fsetival.

有两篇,一篇长,一篇短~ 寒假/暑假最难忘的一件事 The winter vacation passed quickly. In those days, I have done some things. Playing, doing homework and so on. Sometimes I helped my mother doing some housework. She thanked to me.

I really had a good time this summer vacation.I went to Beijing with my parents.We visited the Great Wall and the palace.They're too great and nice.I took many pictures.Though Beijing was,crowded,We enjoyed ourselves.初中生手笔^O^

最难忘的一件事(an unforgetful thing) how time flies!i'm fifteen years now.during the long time,there was one thing that i will never forget. the spring festival is our traditional festival.during the spring festival,people usually visit their friends and

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