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为您解答inviter's signaturethe signature of the inviter

邀请人签名的英文翻译_百度翻译邀请人签名Signature of Inviter inviter_百度翻译inviter 英[n'vat] 美[n'vat] [词典] 招待者,邀请者; [例句]The evening dress is for attend grand meeting, also displayed respect to the inviter.着晚礼服参加盛会,也表现了对邀请人的尊重.进行更多翻译

June 18,2014Dear Lisa, I'm writing to invite you to my birthday party next Saturday. The party will begin at my home at 6p.m.. You can enjoy yourself at the party. You can play games with others, dance with others and chat with others. I do hope that

邀请信一定要将邀请的时间(年、月、日、钟点)、地点、场合写清楚,不能使接信人存在任何疑虑.例如:“I'd like you and Bob to come to Luncheon next Friday.”这句话中所指的是哪个星期五并不明确,所以应加上具体日期, “I'd like

邀请朋友共进午餐 Inviting a friend to informal luncheon Dear [Zhang Ying]: Will you come to luncheon on [Friday, May the fifth], at [twelve o'clock]? My niece [Mary] is visiting us and I think you will enjoy meeting her. She is a


你好!收到一张邀请函 Receive a letter of invitation

应某人邀请At someone's invitation;take someone's invitation;A person has the pleasure to take the invitation by someone. Someone is honored to take the invitation of someone.我应某某邀请,At the invitation of XX, I am honored to attend the conference/dinner.应某某邀请,我有幸出席会议/宴会.

邀请函的要求用英语怎么说邀请函的要求英语是:the request of invitation letterinvitation letter意思是邀请函request 意思是要求

地道英语表达如下,Hello, xxx, It is rather a period since our last contact. How have you being? Busy with work?You mentioned earlier that, you'd like to find some time to visit America. And now, here is very warm, with temperature very agreeable for

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