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i have a good friend.her name is betty.she is 12 years old.i'm one year older than her.her eyes are bigger than mine.her hair is black and long.my hair is longger than hers.betty is 156 centimetres tall.i'm 2 centimetres taller than her.she is about 40

My friend.I have a good friend. Her name is Betty. She is 12 years old. I'm one year older than her. Her eyes are bigger than mine. Her hair is black and long. My hair is longger than hers. Betty is 156 centimetres tall. I'm 2 centimetres taller than her.

riends are very important for me .they make my life more colorful. my friends and i ofen spend time toget-her .we discuss sc-hoolworks as well as pop stars . when i'm in trouble,i tu-rn to my friends for help. they giv-e advice and enco-urage me all the timd.

My friend is taller than me ,but l think l am cleverer than him .

您好,答案有多种:1. I'm more friendly than my friend.2. I'm friendlier than my friend.如对解释不清楚,欢迎再问;如果对您有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!俯阀碘合鄢骨碉摊冬揩

My best friend My best friend xxx is a little taller than I.She is friendly,outgoing and smart.We always study and play together.Though she is quicker than I in doing math homework,she never laughs at me.Instead,she often helps me with my math study.

My best friend Cindy is a little taller than I. She is friendly, outgoing and smart. We always study and play together. Though she is quicker than I in doing math homework, she never laughs at me. In

给你几个吧,自己挑1. My best friend is singing better than me. 我最好的朋友唱歌唱得比我好.2. My friend Jim is the best basketball player in my school. 我的朋友,吉姆,是我们学校最好的篮球运动员.3. Han Meimei paints better than Lilei.韩梅梅画画比李磊好.4. Kim runs faster than me.肯姆跑得比我快.如果有帮助的话,采纳吧


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