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求翻译这段英语作文!LAst wEEkEnD, All stuDEnts in my ClAss



My Last Weekend Last weekend ,I went to fishing with my friends Jack,who is a smart boy. It was a wonderful trip,when we arrived at the cool pool, it was a hot afternoon, but we didn't feel upset,because we were sitting under a big tree. After a

Last weekend 上周末

I went to the zoo last weekend.I got to there by bus.The weather was so hot,so I only spent two hours there.In the zoo,I saw many animals,elephant,dog,koala,panda……I saw a cat,but it looks like a tiger,my good!But all in all,I had a good time there~上

Last Weekend I had a happy weekend last week. On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my

Last weekend I am an active boy, and I like sports very much.I felt very happy last weekend,because I had a wonderful time .On the morning last saturday, I played football with my friends.And in the afternoon, I watched TV to enjoy my pleasant time.

My last weekend My parents and I woke up early on Saturday. We spent the whole morning cleaning up our house. Then we had lunch at my grand parents' home. It also took me a few hours to finish my homework there. We headed back after dinner

my last weekend is very busy.on saturday morning,my mom went shopping with me.i am visited grandmother.because today is grandma's birthday.we cook the meals together.in the evening,mom went home with me.on sunday morning,i'm did

My last weekend was really cool. I got up early on Saturday because my parents and I decided to go to the park. We went boating and climbed the mountain. We had a pinic

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