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四、完形填空(共10分,每小题1分) 通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后各题所给的四个选项中选择最佳的一项. Mike always loves ships. When he was older, he said, "I'm going to be a soldier." But his eyes were not very 35 , and

Alan "Ace" Greenberg chose his nickname to improve his chances with girls at the University of Missouri. But it is an apt____ of his trading skills on Wall Street. This week, as the 73-year-old ___ down ____ chairman of Bear Steams, the

part one 完形填空 One day a crow found 1 . She picked it up in her mouth and 2 a tall tree. She was 3 to eat the meat when a fox saw her. He came and stood under the tree and said, “ 4 beautiful you are!” The crow was very glad 5 hear that.

1.The Farmer,His Horse,and His son Once there was an old farmer,with a horse which was almost as old as himself.He set out one morning with his son to sell the horse

on christmas eve a few days ago, an english couple, the hardens, got a very special call. it was only a 20-second call but it was very ____11____. the hardens' 15-year-old daughter has gone ___12____ six months before. on christmas eve she

1.where 2.went 3.how 4.interesting 5.had 6.weather 7.sunny 8.see 9.delicious 10.would

1) Mr Evans lived in a city. He was a math (1)______ three years ago. He taught well and his students (2)______him. So he decided to work in the middle school all his life. But a terrible accident (3)______ his life. One spring he took his class to (4)_

A∶Whose ( ) is it? B:Where? A:look,over( ),on the bed. B:is it my ( )coat? A:( ).your brother doesn't have a black coat. B:it is my cousin's coat,i think. A:( )is your cousin now? B:he is in the living room. A:maybe itis his coat.回答:A∶Whose ( coat )

1. A ; 2.D ; 3.D ; 4.C ; 5.A ; 6.C ; 7.A ; 8.B ; 9.D ; 10.D ; 11.B ; 12.D ; 13.B ; 14.C ; 15.B : )

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